When you need a graphic designer you can trust, you need Nicole. I have 25 years experience creating branding, illustration, learning and leadership materials, logos, PowerPoint presentations, print, web and omnichannel graphics.


CCS Cambridge branding and large format banners: View Image

CCS Cambridge
- branding and large format banners

CCS began as a start-up in Cambridge. Our initial collaboration included new branding for large banners and trade show ads. Our collaboration quickly expanded to further projects, including omnichannel and IT graphics.

HAT Project - Logo, brand, and online graphics: View Image

HAT Project

Logo, brand, and online graphics for a joint project between the Federal Government and the Australian Academy of the Humanities in Canberra.


PowerPoint Presentations

What Time Do Elephants Go To Work?

I'm the author and illustrator of an original children's book which teaches pre-school children how to tell time. I love hosting story time with young readers. If you're hosting a community event or would like to purchase a copy, please get in touch!

If you'd like to know more about the book, please visit the Letterpress Project website.

Learning and Leadership

Get Your Dose: View Image

Get Your Dose

I have decades of experience creating graphics describing the latest in learning and leadership theories.


Christian Disability Network - Logo

Christian Disability Network

Logo for a charity providing support, practical assistance, and social opportunities for disabled people and their carers in the Christian community.

Liminal Space Coaching and Development

Liminal Space Coaching and Development

Liminal Space wanted a logo to represent "the space in-between" when someone closes a chapter of their personal or professional life but hasn't yet figured out the next chapter. The logo design and development was a highly collaborative project and a lot of fun.

Movement Redefined - Logo

Movement Redefined

Logo for a personal training business with a focus on injury rehabilitation.

Prime Performance Personal Training - Logo

Prime Performance Personal Training

Logo for a personal training business specialising in building core body strength with gymnastic rings.

Rose Bay Healing Therapies - Logo

Rose Bay Healing Therapies

The logo is inspired by Tibetan mandalas and applied to business cards and signage for a natural therapies consultant in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Smith Bros.

Smith Bros.

Logo for 4th generation family farming business on the Barrington Coast. The logo is a stylised interpretation of an age-old family stock brand.


PowerPoint Hacks - Advice from a PowerPoint expert ...

PowerPoint Presentations

Think PowerPoint is boring? It's time to think again. I can turn boring into wow.


FLACK magazine

FLACK magazine

FLACK worked with the potential and creativity of Cambridge's homeless community to produce a monthly magazine and listings guide. I received an Award for Outstanding Service as a designer/mentor, and honoured as a FLACK Founding Member.

Humanities Australia: View Image

Humanities Australia

I handled all creative aspects of Humanities Australia from the masthead to page numbers and everything in between. Brief to distribution = 5 months.

2022: Letterpress

Letterpress printing: View Image

Letterpress machine

Working a letterpress machine is one of my favourite things to do. I'm excited to offer letterpress in 2022. Stay tuned!