Why you need Nicole ...

Whether you're a sole trader, a multinational, or anywhere in-between, you need a graphic designer you can trust. For 25 years, I've helped clients around the world just like you! I have decades of experience in:


Since 1995, I've worked with the world's largest (and smallest) brands ... everyone except McDonald's! I can definitely help with your brand needs.


From hand-drawn illustrations to the latest in Apple and Adobe. Plus, I'm the author and illustrator of the original children's book, "What Time Do Elephants Go To Work?".

Learning and Leadership

I have decades of experience creating visuals to explain the latest ideas in learning and leadership.


Logos are a fun, collaborative way to bring your vision of your emerging business to life. I love my logo clients! Get in touch today!


Think PowerPoint is boring? Think again. I transform PowerPoint from boring to wow. PowerPoint is not just for onscreen; it's also one way to affordably manage your print needs.


No print project is too big or too small! Books, brochures, business cards, catalogues, invitations ... from concept and layout to pre-press.


I create omnichannel graphics as part of your brand package. The tech-y web-y code-y build-y side of web design, I leave to the web experts, and I can help you find them ...

2022: Letterpress

Letterpress is a centuries-old method of traditional printing. When you need an invitation of exceptional quality, you need letterpress. My ol' Heidelberg letterpress ("Heidi") is currently being restored. Stay tuned: letterpress design and print will be offered in Spring 2022!

Pricing plans

"No worries" - I offer pricing plans to suit every budget!

Client Testimonials

Grave Ho - Liminal Space Coaching and Development

Grace Ho

"It was super easy and fun working with Nicole. We progressed from very rough ideas to a finished logo in two weeks - much faster than I expected! We were able to move quickly because Nicole was receptive to input and feedback and turned around ideas quickly. She has a particularly keen eye for typography... her choice of font took my logo to the next level".

Grace Ho , Liminal Space Coaching and Development

John Byron — former Executive Director, Australian Academy of the Humanities

John Byron

"For seven years, Nicole designed annual reports, books, brochures, conference materials, journals and online graphics for the Academy. Nicole's designs show a keen eye and graceful aesthetic. In our business dealings, I found Nicole to be accommodating and practical, honest and principled, and absolutely rigorous in meeting deadlines. Whatever Nicole does she does well, and her participation will only be to the advantage of your business".

John Byron , former Executive Director, Australian Academy of the Humanities

Erica Smith, Smith Bros., Barrington Coast NSW

Smith Bros.

"We had the pleasure of working with Nicole as she created a logo for our family farming business. She was very professional, prompt and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Nicole came up with a terrific logo that represents our 100+ years family business, we are extremely happy with the design. I would definitely recommend Nicole to do your business logo".

— Erica Smith, Smith Bros., Barrington Coast NSW